By Joseph

I was at a social gathering at some high class swanky joint own by some guy who lived off of his parents wealth. Anyways after many hours of socializing, I needed another smoke. Never failing, I lost my lighter again when I needed it most. I saw some guy smoking indoors assuming that he was the owner of the place, or just some guy who didn’t really care. I approached him and asked him for a light he said, “no I can’t.” At first, I thought he was just being a jerk since his cigarette was obviously lit, yet he refuse to even bump a light off of his. Then he explained that he couldn’t because it was literally impossible to do so. Then he showed me what he was smoking. It was some sort of a device that looked and operated like a cigarette but clearly wasn’t. He called it an Evocig. Intrigued at the whole idea, I probe further. He told me that there was no smoke or pollutants discharged from this smoking device, yet he got his nicotine fix by inhaling this cigarette like stick that glowed a soft red light at the end of it. Still filled with questions, I kept inquiring. He said there are these little cartridges filled with nicotine that disperse a fine nicotine gas every time you take a drag on the device. Apparently it’s battery operated and it comes with it’s own charger, hence the mystery of the soft glowing red light was solved. “Pretty neat,” I said. Then I asked him, where would I be able to acquire such a fantastic device. Then he gave me the address of the website. Best bit of info ever.

As soon as I got home, I went online, googled EvoCig , and there it was in all of its marketing glory. So I order one and in less than 10 days a package arrives at my door. Finally, I become a proud owner of a EvoCig. With all the other electronic devices I’ve bought and never used, I was about get a big change in that old routine. Like Christmas, I tare the package open, charge the puppy up and load the nicotine cartridges. Then I sit back, take a few puffs and relax into a personal cloud of victory.
Here’s why: a device that works and looks like a cigarette without the effects of secondhand smoke and you get a nicotine fix, the possibilities are endless. Restaurants? No Problem. Bars? Clubs? No problem. Movie Theaters? How fun would that be? Anytime, anywhere? Oh, my god! I thoght to myself, this is going to be fun.
So I go to my local dive bar. Hit my bartender up for my usual. Then I start to light-up (or power-up, I should say). Now, my bartender guy who I’ve known for awhile now looks like he’s about to grab me by the face and kick me out of his joint. So behind a wall of rage, my bartender calmly and politely tells me you can’t do that here. Then like after an April fool’s joke, I start busting out in a laughing fit, in the meantime, showing him the genius of the device. He was so amazed at the accuracy of it that he gathered his crew around just to take a closer look at it. He was so impressed with the device he gave me a drink on the house, and that was just the beginning.
There’s so many stories like that and so many yet had, but until you get one of your own, you won’t know for yourself. So if you are a smoker and you are inconvenienced or harassed on a daily basis, this little gadget is definitely for you. It is a little pricey at first, but for the amount of money you spend on cigarettes per year, it will pay for itself over time and with the added bonus of freedom and a certain amount of poetic justice, it’s a real bargain. Isn’t it time to turn your world upside-down and get one for yourself. Believe you me. You won’t regret it.

Joseph C.

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